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Will it match white bathroom tile? Does this product have a matte or gloss finish?

Included in the Mix2Match TileFix is a white putty, as well as a white pigment. Depending on how bright you need your white to be, our putty is less than a pure white, but our white tint is pretty bright. You can add white pigment drops directly to the putty and mix to better match the white of your tile. However the putty may show as slightly off-white on some tiles that are pure, bright white. Also, the TileFix will come with a lacquer that is used in the final steps of your repair. It will give the repair a slight gloss and become glossier the more it is applied. If you are looking for a satin or matte finish you may need to find a clear coat with a matte or satin finish at your local home improvement store.

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